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Expert attorneys to help you close fast

The Better Attorney Match team will help you find local experienced attorneys to help review the sale contract, negotiate with the seller, oversee your closing, and more.

Better Attorney Match is available in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Massachusetts

Why Our Attorney Match Is Better

Many homebuyers need a lawyer to close, but don’t know it

Many states require legal assistance to complete a home sale, and trying to find a lawyer at the last second can be stressful.

Better Attorney Match helps you connect with a great lawyer, stress-free

Our team will connect you to expert, local real estate lawyers who know your market

Legal help that’s been vetted by homebuyers just like you

You’ll only be connected to real estate lawyers we’ve vetted and who have worked with homebuyers in your state.

Our Attorney Partners

Provide your information

All we need is your contact information, property address or area of interest, and whether you’re buying, listing or both.


Receive great legal options

We’ll provide you with attorney options within your area who will reach out to you


That’s it!

There’s no step 3. It’s really that easy.